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Half-Life 3 Announced For iOS

half life 3 iOs

Valve has finally announced the much anticipated sequel to their coveted series… Fuck it. Half-Life 3 is coming, motherfuckers. The best thing is, it’s coming to mobile, so you’ll be able to play Half-Life while you’re taking a massive dump. Valve announced the game with an exciting new teaser trailer, which you can find below.

A handful of details have surfaced since the announcement. The news that’s got most people talking, though, is the pricing model. Half-Life 3 will be free-to-play (and that’s a lot of hyphens). Gordon starts the game with all of his equipment reset, and the crowbar as a default starting weapon. You can grind to acquire your arsenal, by killing varying amounts of enemies in a Tower Defence minigame. Of course, you can unlock it all from the outset with microtransactions. The gravity gun is rumoured to cost the reasonable price of £30.

We have this exclusive quote from Gabe Newell’s best friend, Dave, “Taking the Half-Life franchise to iOS was a no-brainer. We already have Gordon FREEman, so free-to-play was a natural fit for the story and characters.” With so many AAA franchises creating quality mobile spin-offs of late, it was only a matter of time before someone released a full sequel to a popular franchise on the mobile platform. More on the story as it breaks.

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