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Mad Max, featuring Mad Mark

A new trailer for Mad Max the game featuring, who we assume is Mad Mark – because he looks fuck all like Mad Max – has been released today.

Based on the trailer, we here at VVG have a theory: playing as Mad Mark, you set out into the sun-baked desert on quest to find your long lost brother Max.  Due to Mark being a substantially less bad-ass name than Max, you ultimately fail miserably in your quest.  This is why Mad Mark is never featured in any of the films, he’s too much of a good-ass.

It’s either that or Avalanche studios couldn’t secure the rights to Mel Gibson’s face.

If you’ve not already seen it, checkout the new trailer here:

After watching the trailer, we asked an industry analyst with over 20 years experience for their profession evaluation:

“It’s gonna’ be shit,” he said.


By @AngryFodder


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