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News: Grand Theft Auto 5 To Feature Fully Interactive World



GTA 5 is to feature a ‘fully interactive world’ according to our sources. What this means is that you can enter any building in the game, and interact with any object. Want to take a shit in an office coffee machine? Go for it.

Want to pop into a retirement home and have a cup of tea with the oldies? Your imagination is the only boundary. Well, that and the ocean. Although, you can hop aboard a ferry or a jet and travel to different countries in real time. 


You can head to France and bring baguettes back to Los Santos, importing goods into a fully realised in-game economy. You could head to England, but there’s nothing there worth exporting… or seeing. You can even jump in a rocket and visit the space station, with Isaac of Dead Space fame’s suit available as a slice of DLC. From the space station, you can then do a halo jump, parachuting to Earth – this is used as the game’s quick-travel system and will take roughly on week to complete the whole process. 

You also start the game as an embryo, slowly reaching adulthood and, eventually, dying. Upon death, the disc will erase, and you must then go and buy another copy. 

With the release of the game closing in, Rockstar have gone all out on releasing information. It sounds like they’ve created the most immersive game world ever seen and we can’t wait to get our sweaty, clawed hands on it.


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