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Xbone to Rebrand the Term ‘Game’


Following a U-turn on current policies, Microsoft has issued supplementary changes of part of its ‘Gamer Gratification’ campaign for their forthcoming console, Xbone.

 The biggest change sees a rebranding of sorts. Speaking to Porygon, Microsoft Head of Communications? Marketing? Talking? Bragging? I don’t know either – something-or-another, Major Larry, revealed that ‘games’ are to be renamed as ‘experiences’.

“When you go into a shop and say ‘Do you sell games,’ people don’t know what you’re asking,” he said. “Do you mean video games, board games, or some sort of sex-toy? That’s why we’re simplifying things.”

“Games are now experiences, and gamers are experiencers. Our focus groups told us this is at least three percent less confusing,” he continued. “Three percent! Think about this, three percent more people who know exactly what we mean. This is the first step in showing we’re all about the people.”

No news on whether the ‘Gamer Gratification’ campaign is to be renamed.

Here’s a look at the new title in action on the Forza 5 box:


Xbone is due this fall for $345,000,879 with experiences ranging from free-to-play (for a one-off fee) to $320 a pop.

By Colonel Sanders


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