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Video Game Violence Sparks Sex Ban IRL

The international federation of old fuckers with no sense of humour held a conference earlier this week. The focus of the conference was a debate on whether video game violence was to be considered harmful and, therefore, banned in the UK.

However, the debate ended up taking an unforeseen route. When the group realised that a ban on video game violence was out of the question, another topic reared its head: sex.

What the group noticed was that violence in video games, although illegal in real life, was found to be acceptable – whereas sex… was not. Obviously, sex in real life is legal and the group soon realised that this is a massive fallacy.

How can something that even video games deem unacceptable be deemed acceptable in the real world? It can’t. Therefore a new law shall be passed, effective immediately. Sex is now a crime. Ban this sick filth. Ban humanity.


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