All sources are anonymous.

First Half-Life 3 Screenshot Emerges

Half Life 3 iOS

Further details have emerged regarding Half-Life 3 for iOS.

Following outrage at the lack of Half-Life 3 news, a crazed fan broke into Valve’s headquarters in hope of finding proof that Half-Life 3 is in fact real.

A Reddit fan by the name of CrazyMango187 infiltrated Valve’s Bellevue, Washington offices armed with only a pistol with one bullet (to shoot a lock on a door we’re told) and a camera. According to our sources at Valve, Mango was able to bypass Valve’s robot security through the use of portals:

“Yeah, he had a portal gun,” our source tells us.

“It looked like a LEGO gun, and we all joked about how this guy must have no life. Then he started shooting at the floor beneath our security and they just … vanished,” recalls our anonymous source, Valve’s Ted Backman.

What came next is the moment every Half-Life 3 fan has been waiting for; the first in-game image from Half-Life 3 on iOS.


VVG has contacted Valve and we’ll update if we get a response. In the meantime, it’s probably best to accept that Half-Life 3 will be a Steambox exclusive to make y’all go out and buy one.


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