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Ladygate Triggers Gamergate

Guess who’s back, back again, Visceral’s back, tell a friend!

Although being absent for quite some time, a trembling in the force has awoken us from our masturbation induced coma. Don’t worry, we’ve washed our hands.

Before we go any further, and in the interest of transparency, please read the following disclaimer:

Visceral Video Games fully accepts bribes, free merchandise, sexual favours and beer in exchange for both coverage and favourable review scores.

With that out the way, lets move onto #GamerGate:

When information recently leaked online about game journalists being balls deep in games developers, it appears to have given birth to #GamerGate, like some sort of ironic love child.

Rather than being content with merely suckling at the teat, this bastard spawn has developed and mutated at an alarming rate, leaving a trail of destruction in it’s nappy.


Questions about ethics have been raised, conspiracy theories formed and witch hunts started. Some have suggested the whole thing is little more than a platform from which to hurl abuse at women, where as others feel there are legitimate issues being raised about the games industry.

Here at VVG it’s very hard for us to comment, mainly due to our reluctance to care. We’re still hurting from that one time the cake was a lie.

We like cake.