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Nintendo Reveal “Adult-Only” Social Service

In a surprising development, a company insider today revealed Nintendo has plans to broaden its appeal into a more hardcore gaming audience.

“Players are crying out for us to improve the social aspects of our platform, so we are introducing a service called ‘WiiSomes’, where mature gamers can hook up for friendship, fun and more.”


Avatars with extra physical characteristics will be core to the experience: “It’s time to let grown-ups be grown-ups, so for the first time we will enable gender-specific avatar modifications to allow more expressive body shapes, include Piinis and Boobiis.”

The 18-30 leisure market is targeted, with ‘PartiiRooms’ available for friends and strangers to join ad-hoc, as well as exclusive invite-only ‘Orgiis’ where mature WiiSomes can come together in private.

“We will be bringing out a range of intimate accessories which can be used during Orgiis to create a more engaging experience. For instance, our new GiiString rumble pack, our GiiSpot motion controller and our BootiiCall in-game communicator.”

Plans have also been revealed to bring handheld-owners into the experience – DS and 3DS owners can remotely connect to Orgiis using the new PiipingTom HD virtual reality service.

Starting at £69, WiiSome accessories will be available for discrete mail-order from September 2113.

By @PSNWorldOfHurt